Enduring Love… Jealousy demanding as the grave

“For there is love, that is as strong as death..Jealousy Demanding as the Grave.. Many waters.. cannot quench this Love”

These are words from the song “You Wont Relent”, by a contemporary group called “Jesus Culture” . I first heard this during the octave of Pentecost some years ago, when I was working for a certain Evangelical in the area.

Its always been on point though. God’s love is Jealous for us. He created us to love him back. He loved us so dearly, he gave us his only son, whose birth even now we are in the midst of celebrating under the Christmas Octave, and the Solemnity of Mary, who is “God Bearer” or “TheoTokos”.

Ive seen alot of friends lately losing their cookies over some attitudes in the Church, especially from the current Pontiff. Does Francis do everything right? No. He’s human, and Humans error. Is he going to suddenly change teaching as His Emminence +Burke would have us believe.. No. The Pope only acts with the whole union of Bishops. He represents the unity of their Authority.

He leads though with the premise that we first must show mercy, and consequently love. Jesus never once tells us to judge first… He Tells us always to love. Nothing more, or less.

To say that.. God requires anything of us first, is semi heretical. while its true.. we HAVE to have a contrite heart to be open to his Grace..  Its always there, for the Psalms teach us ” Give thanks to the Lord.. for he is Good, his love is Everlasting(enduring)”.

Consequently, this is how we can be sure hell is a very real place. For.. its not the absence of God, but more the absence of the ability to receive that love, and that is always a choice.

I think we all need to be diligent, and try to get past Holy Father Francis’s words.. and get to the heart of the matter. He means well…but clearly he is not the Orator his predecessors were.

Jealousy Demanding as the Grave. Got it? That means God never stops loving the sinner, and thats all of us. How that love is received, is entirely up to us.

In this Christmas season… lets be Shepherds as opposed to the learned. The Shepherds were simple people.. working in a field. But, when they met the Lord.. they loved him.. without reservation. They were open to what he brought. The same can be said for the Magi as well.  Dont be the learned… or Worst.. Herod.

That love.. manifest in a baby in a manger.. is Everlasting.. to the point that he Dies for us. So, I have issue with anyone who will claim that there are conditions to that love. The Scriptures simply don’t agree. Rather they speak just the opposite.